March Madness Spafford Song Challenge Bracket

  • It's that time of year when it's time for March Madness to start up. I'm not a big basketball fan, but I do like to fill out a bracket every once in awhile. This year is different though and I am very excited to be filling out a bracket, but not for college basketball, but for the band we all love to death Spafford.

    I have been creating and running numerous different types of Spafford Games now for the past 2 years. I am happy to say that they have grown some traction over time and also as of late have been helping out the band financially during this difficult time. I'm very grateful that over the years I have received help from @damian to help set up forums and a payment option on the Spaffnerds site. I'm also very thankful for the help and support @jeenot gave me during the most recent Drive-In and NYE games. However this new game was not my idea, but created by another amazing Nerd @GeorgeBailey A.K.A Peter Chase. Over the past couple months me and Peter have been talking frequently to hatch out how this would work and what we could do to make it a fun and interactive way for all Nerds to be involved. That being said I encourage all Nerds if they have an idea for a potential Spafford Games to please bring it to my attention and I will do my best to help bring that idea to fruition. The bands loves that I have started this within the Spafford community and are encouraging me to keep it alive and keep it fresh. If you have any ideas please shoot me an email at

    March Madness Spafford Song Challenge Bracket will be going live sometime tomorrow night (03.10.21).

    This game will be set up just like a 64 team March Madness bracket. In order to participate you must donate money which will be going directly to the band to help support them financially and to also help pay for their new trailer.

    $5 = 1 Bracket Entry

    • You may donate as much as you want

    If there is a tie the tiebreaker will go to the Nerd who donated the most money within that tie.

    The band has provided 3 incredible, unique, and one of a kind prizes that can not be found or purchased anywhere! They will be rewarded to the top 3 Nerds.

    More info to come tomorrow. I really hope we will get a lot of participation to raise much needed money for our favorite band. I also hope some of you will email me some possible game ideas as well.

    Be Kind, Be Generous, and as always Be Strange.


  • The March Madness Spafford Song Bracket Challenge is finally here.

    First off I want to thank Peter Chase for having this great idea and having me help him bring this game to fruition.





    *Ticket purchasing and voting is open until 6 pm Cental, Sunday March 21.

    *Don't miss the link for an additional donation on the ticket purchase page. Remember if there's a tie the highest donation will break that tie.


    Each participant must donate in order to fill out a bracket (minimum donation of $5).

    Fill out your bracket through the link you received in your email from

    Click on "Vote Now" select your winners for each region all the way to the "Final Four". You will then fill out your final four all the way down to a single winner.

    Results will be revealed one round at a time. You can check your ranking by following your link after the voting window is closed and clicking on Predictions Ranking.

    The top 3 participants with the highest percentage of correct predictions at the end of the final round will be the winners.

    If there is a tie between songs in any round, the band's choice will be the tiebreaker.

    If there is a tie for the final rankings, the tiebreaker will go to the Nerd who donated the most money within that tie.

    Have fun making these incredibly difficult decisions. Please don't hate me.

    This link will take you where you need to go.

  • This is so incredibly awesome. I can't wait to see what other people vote for. When will the results be released?

  • @Dirtbathlvr each round will be updated congruently with the real March Madness Madness Tournament. Thanks for playing and donating.

  • Got my bracket dialed in FTW

  • If I find the time I will make a playlist of all the song matchups. Thinking about using for my source for the tracks. Any other suggestions out there for how to do this?

  • I know it’s late in the game, but can I get a bracket to fill out?

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