• How It Works
    The rules are pretty simple. For each show you pick 3 songs:

    Set 1 Opener
    Set 2 Opener

    That's it. Pick 3 songs, and enjoy the ride.

    If you want to play, you need to visit the "LINKS FOR FESTIVAL/FALL TOUR 2021 SHOW SONG PICKS" in the Tour Games tab on the Spaffnerds website and choose the link for the specific show you are making picks for.

    You can join the Setlist Games at any point during the current Tour.

    *Please make sure if it is you first time participating in the Fall Tour Setlist Games you select the "YES" option on the Survey.

    *Once you have played once you will then select "NO" for a remaining shows you make picks for. This is very important. If a new person joins at any time I need to make sure that the new Nerds selects "YES" so I can filter who has previously played and who hasn't played in order to add the new Nerds info to the game/leaderboard.

    If you exactly match the Set 1 Opener you get 3 points.
    If you exactly match the Set 2 Opener you get 3 points.
    If you exactly match the First Encore you get 5 points.
    If any song you chose is played during the show but not in the position you chose, you get 1 point.

    So let's say you pick:

    Set 1 Opener: All In
    Set 2 Opener: Windmill
    Encore: The Reprise
    And the show was The 2019 New Year's Show. You'd get 0 points for All In, 1 point for Windmill because it was played but not as the set 2 opener, and 5 points for The Reprise for a total of 6 points.

  • @BlaiseStafford TourGames rules!!!!

  • This is awesome. I will def be playing, thanks for organizing!

    There should totally be a prize for most wrong guesses too. Like, whoever does the worst should totally get something, just for the stupendous effort and so little resulting points.

  • @Dirtbathlvr we should call it the "Detroit Lions" prize.

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