• How It Works
    The rules are pretty simple. For each show you pick 3 songs:

    Set 1 Opener
    Set 2 Opener

    That's it. Pick 3 songs, and enjoy the ride.

    You can join the Setlist Games at any point during the current Tour.

    If you want to play, you need to select the Tour Games tab on the Spaffnerds website.

    Once you have clicked the Tour Games tab you will be redirected to a page that looks like this:
    83ec9fdd-13bf-47d2-a778-4147b6ff255d-image.png 0867ed58-8fce-4c3a-971a-e6e20b3e2a25-image.png

    Next you will have to click the "login To Play" button. Once this is selected your name will be added to the leaderboard.

    You can then proceed to click "Make Picks" to make your picks for the next show to be played.648f7dbe-e998-4354-b93c-68d20fb2fc37-image.png

    Once you have gotten to this page you can start making your picks. There are 3 categories to choose from: Original, Cover, or Other.

    The "Other" selection is if you want to make a guess for a "New Original" or "New Cover"

    Once you have made your picks you simply hit the "Submit: button

    After you have submitted your picks the website will kick you back to the leaderboard and show the picks you have made for the current show.

    You are able to edit your picks until 1 hour before the show starts. All picks will be locked 1 hour prior to the show starting and edits will not be able to be made.

    If you are having issues when you click on the Tour Games tab and the page isn't displaying properly you will have to do a force reload on the page which is located on the bottom right of the page. If you are using Android mobile you will have to clear you cache for the Spaffnerds wibesite prior to doing the force reload. If anyone has question or runs into trouble entering the tour games, please email me @

    If you exactly match the Set 1 Opener you get 3 points.
    If you exactly match the Set 2 Opener you get 3 points.
    If you exactly match the First Encore you get 5 points.
    If any song you chose is played during the show but not in the position you chose, you get 1 point.

    So let's say you pick:

    Set 1 Opener: All In
    Set 2 Opener: Windmill
    Encore: The Reprise
    And the show was The 2019 New Year's Show. You'd get 0 points for All In, 1 point for Windmill because it was played but not as the set 2 opener, and 5 points for The Reprise for a total of 6 points.

    There will be a Song Count Tour Cheat Sheet updated after every show. Please use this to your benefit to make more educated guesses on what may be played next. To get to the Cheat Sheet forum please click here:

  • @BlaiseStafford TourGames rules!!!!

  • This is awesome. I will def be playing, thanks for organizing!

    There should totally be a prize for most wrong guesses too. Like, whoever does the worst should totally get something, just for the stupendous effort and so little resulting points.

  • @Dirtbathlvr we should call it the "Detroit Lions" prize.

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