Improv shows 10/26 - 10/30

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    I just have to gush about this band... this run of 5 shows where they only played 3 or 4 songs each night is absolutely incredible. It frankly defies imagination... I know plenty of bands jam, and plenty of bands jam well, but IMO this string of shows was just on another level.

    10/27 they hit their groove, with some really good bits in the back half of It's a Bunch. America is super high energy with some awesome electro funk bits.

    10/28 Ain't That Wrong is just flabbergasting. It vies with 10/19/17 Bee Jam and 1/28/20 Bee Jam for Spafford's best hour of improv IMO.

    10/26 and 10/29 are slightly less inspired to me but both have many good segments. 10/30 feels like a victory lap. The second "set" is just mind boggling.

    So jealous of those that got to experience this live. Hopefully Spaff announces a fat west coast tour this winter!

  • I couldn't agree more. This entire fall tour has been amazing. I have been bouncing around from show to show everyday, loving every minute of it. They are definitely at a moment in time where everything is pulled in tight and polished. 10/30 set 2 brought tears to my eyes. Sonic bliss.

  • @jeenot I want more

  • You nailed it with this post. I think a lot of people feel this way also, and that's special in itself. From the first time I listened to an all improv Spafford set I knew that was my dream show. Grand Rapids was my first Spafford show and after a few minutes I knew "it was happening". There was a handful of times all I could do was just laugh because of how amazing it really was. I'm still basking in the glow of how incredible it was and that I actually stood there, twenty feet away, jaw on the ground.

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    Well I was wrong about one thing, 10/26 and 10/29 are both sick too. They took a few more listens to appreciate. The electro jam in the middle of Comfortable is pure Spaff groove.

  • definitely a week that will go down in history. well....I hope it does, unless the band does something weird and treats us to single song jam sandwich sets every 5 shows or so :)
    there's just something about that ''Jed's Ram'' on the 29th that gets my rocks off. I would love Jordan to be more beefy in the mixes but what can you chew? Nothing to complain about really; just a wish.
    lots to grin about. should be a great New Years run.

  • ALL is phenomenal. Wrote awhile ago about people who had soundcheck recordings during the Fall 2019 tour. I know it was a thing because I was at the 8x10 and have the recording of the 2nd nights sound check. It's great! Would be happy to find a way to trade or dropbox other soundcheck jams. I can't imagine I have the only gem.... Best ETS!

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