what a scene

  • Just a quick note on how nice your scene is with cool people, kindness and fun. As an older head I decided last fall to hit the road solo with Spaff for 2 weeks from Detroit mid Oct.(14 or so) through the Buffalo show around the 28th/29th i forget the exact date.
    10 shows in 13 days and oh mama...I'm a geezer certainly as it wiped me out lol. In my 20's, 2 months on the road was a trip in the park.
    So to all of you I met, including JR from Providence who gave me his Charlottesville ticket as he was feeling ill, which turned out to be one of the improv shows. Wow.
    You guys have a great family and the future is so bright. Such a friendly scene and I only saw the Nitrous Mafia in Charlotte so as long as those hosers don't plant their flag on your scene, you'll be golden.
    Keep on keeping and stay beautiful. See you in the spring.

  • @tpace Geezers Unite! Sounds like you had a blast. I stay pretty local these days but Spafford definitely gets me out for micro tours when I can string together 2-3 days.

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