Sad to see Red go...

  • Wonder what the future holds for the band? Red will be some big shoes to fill. Hope Spafford can keep going, felt like they were making up lost ground after the pandemic.

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    @uconnwes Big shoes (and vocal chords) to fill indeed. I thought Corey sounded good during his run of shows. Obvi takes some time to learn the catalogue and build the chemistry, but seems like he likes to take chances and get weird... which comes in handy. Spaff on!

    PS See you in Fairfield later this month?

  • Now that you’re two shows deep in the new lineup, how do like the prospects for the future? I’m loving it, but I still want more new songs. They’re putting new material in the set lists, but the catalog could use a shot in the arm. Hopefully after the heavy touring is over, they’ll woodshed with Cory and drop a ton of new material.

  • I'm officially worried about my favorite Red songs. Are we ever going to see these again?
    song - gap stats
    Beautiful Day - longest 21, current 19, avg 5.57
    Slip and Squander - 19, 19, 4.06
    Comfortable - 20, 20, 4.82

  • @david_bowie Beautiful Day is the only one I can really see being shelved. I think Brian would handle Comfortable nicely. Jordan would probably be my choice for S&S. Time will tell but I’d be pretty bummed if People goes away…that’s always been a favorite to hear live.

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