Coming Soon... Reviews... Featuring YOU!

  • Hey Nerds,

    In an effort to help spread the good word (as that's our mission) about Spafford's shows we are introducing a homepage blog. I'd like to put content here that is relevant to Spafford's shows and the community in general. I see this as a chance to post reviews, announce meet ups, and generally give an official unofficial mouthpiece to the community. To do this I need your help.

    If you're going to see a show, please sign up to review it. All you need to do is message me either here or on Facebook where I'm often hanging about. I get push notifications from this site (and you can too) so I generally will respond quickly.

    Reviews will be on a first come first serve basis, but let's also try to spread the love around. We should have the first review (of the amazing 8/5/2017 BB King's show) up and running this afternoon. Stay tuned.

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