HowTo: Volunteer To Write A Review

  • This site is for the Spafford community and by the Spafford community. We encourage you to volunteer to write an 'official' review for the site. Official reviews will be featured in the news feed on the homepage of the site. We want to hear about your experience seeing Spafford, from the spilled beer, the chompers next to you, and the amazing jams that make it all worth while.

    In order to write the review we ask you to:

    • Read some of the other reviews that have been submitted.
    • Let us know, by date, which show you'd like to volunteer to review. Please link to the SpaffBase show if possible.
    • Leave time for us to get organized. Please let us know as early as possible that you'd like to write a review
    • Personally attend the show.
    • Submit your review within 24 hours of the show. We're happy to discuss alternatives.
    • Be clear headed enough at the show to be able to recount your experience.
    • Take notes during the show. Trust me, it will help.
    • Take some pictures during the show (if possible, I know indoor venues can be dark) and include them in your submission.
    • Proofread your submission before you submit it.

    To volunteer, you can reply to this thread or send me a chat message. Reviews will be on a first come, first serve basis. If somebody else has volunteered, well you're out of luck.

    Remember that you aren't writing a novel, nor are you going for a pulitzer. You're a fan writing about a band. Keep it fun, keep it funny, and most importantly don't overthink it. We love that you want to participate and we encourage you to do so.

  • @damian I'm doing Philly and DC...I wrote a Pittsburgh re iew last Fall....want another for either of these? I'd love to do it.

  • Oops... Pittsburgh was winter tour

  • @Johnny-Love is the man to speak to. He'll bget you setup.

  • A

    @Philthy awesome man, love to have you review DC! I’ll email you the deetz

  • @Johnny-Love DC it is then!

  • @Johnny-Love shoot me that email bruh.

  • 7/13/19 i'll review!! can't wait!!

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