Did you know...

  • You can save a copy of this site to your phone's home screen and it will essentially turn into an app. Just found this out the other day and its incrediblely useful for using this site via your phone.

    Props @damian for making such a well rounded site!

  • Thank you @Lopez . :)

    There's all kinds of not-so-hidden features mentioned in the pinned Knowledge Base topic.

    The one I would LOVE to see people adopt is Realtime Notifications. It takes a few minutes to get setup but I've made walkthrough videos for Android and IOS. I think that if more people used this we'd see an uptick in engagement. Sure, you can edit your profile settings and get emails every time somebody replies to your topics, but isn't a push notification nicer? I use it and it's pretty seamless.

    I had deleted the topic on saving the app to the homescreen because some IOS users had said that the navigation can be a bit strange. But I just restored that topic because of this post. I'm open to feedback and info on what can be done better or what you guys in the community would like to see.

    Anyway, here's the topic on the Mobile App including howto walkthrough videos for IOS and Android. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

  • At least for me, I am unable to sign in with Facebook while running the site as an "app". Since it has to open a different site, it does so in Safari.

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