Review: 2017-09-22 & 2017-09-23 - Resonance Music and Arts Festival, Thornville, Ohio

  • Friday night (9/22):

    I first discovered my new favorite jam band, Spafford, back in February of this year. They came to Octave in Covington, KY. I was unable to attend the show but was interested in them as I am always looking for new bands to listen to. I was so ecstatic when I first turned on Electric Taco Stand.

    Leading into festival season in Ohio I was on the search for where they might pop up and here came Resonance Music and Arts Festival. With an already stacked lineup, Resonance became the go to festival of the year for this mid westerner. But as a new Spaffnerd on the scene, I patiently waited all summer for their 2 sets at Resonance. I told my best friend, Michele, about them and we couldn't wait to see them live for the first time together.

    They opened with Mind's Unchained to set the late night festival mood right. It was a hot and humid setting underneath the Woodlands Stage tent. As my first ever Spafford experience, I could tell right away this was not your ordinary jam band. I had my trusty air guitar out for the entire hour and a half set.

    Brian with his intriguing technical prowess on the fret board of his guitar kept me more entertained for that set then I was the entire weekend COMBINED.

    Red and Jordan kept the groove and funk progression going and had their own spots throughout the night. They kept the big, sweaty crowd moving and dancing on their feet while everyone kept the beat with Cameron manning the drums. Having our traditional front row party, Michele and I danced and grooved to every song.

    The hour an a half set included, Leave The Light On, It's A Bunch, Ain't That Wrong, Backdoor Funk, and The Postman to close out the set. They left us all cheering and wanting more. Well, for us lucky ones that caught their first set, we had one more night of Spafford ahead of us.

    Saturday night (9/23):

    Awaiting this set since the last one ended, Resonance had a TON of good bands for Saturday. Like, The Motet, The Main Squeeze, Yonder Mountain String Band, just to name a few. But Spafford was the band of the weekend for me personally and I was jokingly renaming Resonance, "Spaffordfest".

    As I was walking around the festival I was informing everyone I came across about Spafford. I reminded everyone they had a 2nd chance to witness history later that night back at the Woodlands Tent for their 2nd set.
    They opened the show with an exciting Dream Jam that kept everyone piling in the tent once again for another moment none of us wanted to miss. I started seeing the "I'm Killing It" stickers dance around me. My best friend Michele, was approached and given a cherished sticker.

    With jams like: Weasel> Palisades > Weasel and All In, we gave it our all for the band Spafford and all their glory!

    With more groovy beats from Cameron and Jordan to keep our feet moving plus the mind blowing, shred master Brian, and Red dancing his fingers along every key stroke, this 2nd, hour long set, woke everyone back up after a long 3 day festival. It shook us to the core as they closed the night off with America and The Reprise.

    All in all it was a great weekend of music and entertainment. Spafford is the new hottness on the rise and I can't wait for those Fall tour dates!

  • Thanks to the taper @tonedeaf we've got a recording of the 9/23/2017 show. I just got done listening to it. It is very very good. The Reprise is absolutely on the must listen list. In truth the whole show is dynamite. Get over there and give it a listen.

    ... and thanks @Discoman for the review and the pics. Wish I could have been there... except for that sweaty, humid tent part.

  • ... and the 9/22/17 recording is up too. Thanks tonedeaf!

  • Thanks for the reviews and pictures! Night 2 was probably my favorite set I've seen from them this year.

  • A

    Thanks for the words and pics to accompany this awesome show.. I haven't listened to 9/22 yet but I'm loving 9/23 .. that must have been incredibly good live :) 9/23 is my fave set since the lineup change; they sound so locked in together, doing what they do well and always exploring and growing

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