Review: 2017-10-12 - A & R Bar Columbus, OH

  • Setlist, Recordings, and Attendance for: 2017-10-12 A & R Bar, Columbus, OH

    I want to start off this review with some of the people "behind the curtan" so to speak. These guys make the magic happen for us. Spafford is that magic. I am new to the Spafford scene so I don't yet know their names, but the techs for Spafford have really set it up nicely for each show I've attended.

    First up Spafford opened with Ain't That Wrong, which really told everybody who was unaware that they were in for a fun night that would go by too quickly. Right into a cover of Green Day's Longview >Lonely jam that surprised me for sure!

    Red was up next for his ballad, and one of my favorites, Beautiful Day. It surely was just that, a beautiful day! It was one song I've been wanting to hear live since I first discovered Spafford back in February.


    Dis Go In 5? was up next back into Red's Jam > Weasel to close out the first set. It was like a huge cliff hanger leaving the entire crowd wanting more! So much energy and good vibes in the first made me wonder, "How can they top that?!"

    They opened up the flood gates on the second set with Funkadelic. What a heater! That got everyone back to the stage in a hurry. Up next was a funky tune called In The Eyes Of Thieves.

    They closed their set out with probably my three favorite tunes in a row..... Leave Your Light On > The Postman and, as an encore, Salamander Song. It's like they knew what I was thinking! What a great band and great set. I was able to snag one of the numbered tour posters too! Make sure you get one of those!

    Photo Credit: Michele Felker

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