20+ Minute Jams

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    Might need to push this to 30 minute jams! Spafford don't play around when it comes to looong jams (aka the best kind!)

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    Very valid points. A full jam chart is definitely something I would like to see in the future. However, that is a much more involved task than simply putting together a list of jams based on times. There is also a thread already with the goal of compiling the top versions of songs, here.

    As far as why 20 minutes? Because its a easy to understand amount of time and there had to be a cutoff somewhere. Obviously there's tons of great 19 minute jams, but if I included them in this list then why not the 17 & 18 minute jams? It's not like something special automatically happens when the song reaches the 20 min mark, but for the purpose of this post I needed a cutoff, and 20 minutes seems logical to me. Plus that's what they use on .net which is where I got the idea in the first place.

    Personally, if I'm doing work while listening to Spafford, most of the time I'm gonna prefer songs that are longer in length and spend more time in the jam area than the composed, but that's just me.

    TL;DR The 20 min mark doesn't really matter except for this post.

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    @Cody brought this point up, once I have most of the data ill probably split them into 20+ and 30+ min groups.

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    @myanruth Where are you with data so far? I should have some time on my hands tomorrow and could use my Nugs subscription to pull data from what's on there... It'd basically only be 2017 but it's a start.

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    @SociableJimmy I had some free time at work today so I went through the nugs shows today, which is whats up there now. For the non-nugs recordings, I have pretty much all of them downloaded and in my itunes, so I made a playlist of all the 20 min+ songs, now I just need to add them to the top post. The current count is 66 plus the ones from nugs already listed. That doesn't include the tracks that have two songs on the same track, which I'll need to go through and listen to when the segues occur. If you want to help with that portion it would be a big help.

  • @TheWholeWayHome said in 20+ Minute Jams:

    I'd rather see a jam chart with the "Highly recommended" versions of songs regardless of length. Some people get too excited about length of jams, especially the 20minute mark for some reason. It is no indication of quality in my opinion. I'll always take 14 minutes of unique and focused jamming over 24 minutes of noodling around.

    I understand that a longer track time gets people excited about what the jam might contain, but why has the jam band community decided 20 minutes is significant? Not trying to pick on you OP, it just seems so arbitrary to me...

    If we, as a community, can come to consensus about which versions deserve to be flagged, I'm sure that we can get those setup in the spaffbase. It has always been my intent to have that kind of functionality, and to be able to call it out on the song history page, as well as on the show page. This can be done currently with song notes, though it looks like a generic note.

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    @Joe-Logrippo Added, thank you!

  • If we want to really get detailed its actually 20:23, the added time after is just a break between songs. This is how I usually track my recordings

  • man, that "ItEoT" from Halloween was one of the sickest jams I heard that night.

  • @myanruth said in 20+ Minute Jams:

    Bee Jam

    2017-10-19 56:08

    This just never gets old to me. It's like a life soundtrack, just ebbing and flowing. Probably my favorite of their extended jams, just edging out the opener from the Asheville studio jam. It's close to perfect and the > Down Under is flawless.

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