Review: 2018-01-20 - Chameleon Club - Lancaster, PA

  • I'll try not to, but according to co-workers, I tend to ramble when I email so..

    TL;DR: Spafford Fucks. Lancaster Sucks. I'm the King. Spafford wants to take my mom out?

    Anyway, Let's get started.

    David Goes to Lancaster
    "What the fuck? What is this place? Where are all the buildings? What's that sickly orange glow in the sky? Jesus, is that a horse and buggy? What year is this? What am I doing with my life?” I think as I stand outside that station, surrounded by nothing, waiting on my buddy to pick me up. My last show was the BK Bowl so this is quite the change. It's a friend's 30th Birthday so I get to party a bit there before grabbing my Uber over to the show.

    The Venue:
    I'll complain about this first. Security was uptight just yelling about getting us in when no one was even rushing or anything. I thought sound was good (I saw some complaints) but the layout was tough with a sold-out show. Pretty much had to choose getting drinks or seeing the stage which is a bummer. Lots of talkers, which I don't usually mind as I can tune them out easily, but this was another level. I find it hard to believe that Lancaster has more ChadBroWookButtheads than Philly or NYC but, well, they sure showed me.

    Alright, now for the good stuff...


    Set 1

    All In: Really enjoy this song and this version had a really nice jam. I haven't gone too far down the All In hole to rank it anywhere but it was a ton of fun and some fat bass from Jordan is a great way to start a show and get you moving.

    It's a Bunch > On Fire: some fiery guitar work by Brian before a nice mellow building jam and, if you weren't already in party mode, by the time you even realized they slipped into On Fire you were full on grooving hoping your shoes were still on (they were, don't worry.)

    Todd's Tots: Not much to say about this. Great playing and great version. Again, one I love but I still haven't taken the time to seek out the best of the best versions.

    Radio: Digging this new one but it really gave the chompers their chance to shine. I had to ask Chad Wookington in front of me not to swing his hoodie around in the air since it was hitting people behind him in the face (this came up a few times). Kinda bummed the sing for me at the show but hearing it on the AUD it was a nice calm before the storm that was coming.

    Leave the Light On: Highlight of the first set for me. One of the first Spafford songs I started getting into and this was a solid version. Great tight first jam and then it opens and goes big enough during the second jam that even the Chattiest of Kathy’s start grooving. Definitely gonna be listening to this a lot more.

    Slip and Squander: Rick Mitarotonda from Goose (Their set was really a lot of fun, definitely a good choice to open. I'll be checking them out more soon I hope) sat in and was awesome. I already love the song and Rick and Brian played off each other great for a pretty sick version to end the set.

    How pumped am I right now between 1-10: Probably about 7. Venue kinda eats it and it's a fight to get up closer to see better. But that was a great first set and I'm ready to keep moving.

    Set 2 - This was pure rocket fuel that starts sweetly with a Happy birthday to JP as I walk out of the bathroom.

    Now, maybe you already saw my post on FB about it, but I had mentioned a few days before how I'd love for them to mix up the sandwiches to keep us guessing. Now, I had completely forgotten about that post until like mid-second set
    Shout out to DannSnack Williams too if you're on the name, man

    Electric Taco Stand: I'm already a big fan of ETS so hearing “Let's Get Funky” as they drop into it raised my pumped meter up a bit. Really nice jam that builds and smooths a bit before Cam starts adding some Weasel-esque edrums as they wind down the jam into a mellow groove

    Palisades: Definitely wasn’t expecting this but love the song and havent heard it live since my first show at American Beauty (RIP) and that show is ..hazy to say the least. Really happy to hear this. Seems a little rushed but I really dig it.


    Electric Taco Stand: They stopped on a dime and Brian dropped into a sick little groove with Jordan, Cam, and Red hopping right back in with him after a few seconds and the four of them bring it to a fun peak back into the lyrics. It was at this point that Chad Wookington had to be asked again to stop whipping his hoodie around in the air...I'm glad he's as pumped as I am about the music but don't hit us with your stink hoodie, bro. The outro jam may have been one of my favorites of the night, but I’m a sucker for that kind of slow bliss jam that builds and that's exactly what they did. Once that jam peaked they quickly dropped into another, more dance-y groove before switching gears.

    Pumped Meter: about a 8-8.5. As Palisades dropped back into ETS I started thinking about that comment I made about the switched sandwiches but that ETS outtro had me forget all about it until...

    Weasel: Funky groove drops hard into the Weasel intro and I start getting amped and now the first thing on my mind is how rad it would be if they played the set I said but figured it wasn't likely. First Weasel jam floats nicely for a bit, I really love the effect Red uses on the keys here. Not sure what it actually is but it reminds me of the reverse effect my delay pedal has. I hear it in a lot of jams and I'm really liking it. The jam winds down a bit and then I hear it:

    Pumped Meter: 10

    Alternate Ending: They maybe got like three or four beats into this before I lit up like the Griswald's house in Christmas Vacation. I couldn't hear it much on the AUD but maybe the SBD picked up my out of control OWWWEEE at the start as it became clear to me that they're playing what I said. Definitely one of my favorites (those blissy jams tho) and that peak is always just perfect. A few more Dave OWWWWEEEE’s at peaks to finish it out for good measure.

    Pumped Meter: I don't know, some number I can't count 14? 15?

    Weasel: The transition back is quick but smooth as Cam eased back into the weasel groove leading to a great little jam that got Chad Wookington to spin Mrs. Wookington just a bit too fast and she fell down a few times as Chad let us all know that she's fine while proceeding to not help her get up.

    At this point, I'm so jacked up and excited that drugs might as well have been taking me. Many people start to head towards the bar before encore and I use this time to get further up front finally. Being the Chameleon Club (with the Lizard Lounge next door) I was really expecting a Salamander encore but, no, they continued to keep me on my toes.

    Take Your Mama: Fun little Scissor Sister cover I first heard them do at the Fillmore in Philly last Fall. Lots of fun and in my excitement started thinking to myself “so they played something I said...then played Take Your this Spafford hitting on my mom? Tour ends in mom lives there.


    alt text
    Now, wheher or not someone with the band saw my comment and they decided to try it or it was just a sweet coincidence, I choose to believe that it was for me and I could not have loved it more. So you're all welcome. See everyone in Asbury!

    Update! Asbury fucking ruled and no problems with anyone talking ...shit was rad. I need more.

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    As to your Qs

    What the fuck? Need more information

    What is this place? Lancaster is a city located in South Central Pennsylvania which serves as the seat of Pennsylvania's Lancaster County and one of the oldest inland towns in the United States (along with Hartford, Connecticut; Springfield, Massachusetts; Petersburg, Virginia; Albany, New York; Schenectady, New York, and several other early settlements). [from wikipedia]

    Where are all the buildings? Hidden behind a magic spell of invisibility cast by a Level 9 Mage, duh.

    What's that sickly orange glow in the sky? Piss-drunk Apollo, and he's coming for you

    Jesus, is that a horse and buggy? (I forwarded this question to J.C. as you addressed it to him. He said he was busy playing one-on-one bball with Prince and will get back to you later.)

    What year is this? Jesus's 2018th bday, m-fer!

    What am I doing with my life? Writing the best fucking Spaffnerds reviews ever and singing the praises of Columbia Bee Jam, America Philly, and Phoenix My Road (My Road) till blue in the face. In other words, exactly what you should be doing.

  • @Johnny-Love NEW QUESTION: Is the level 9 Mage or Jesus on my side? I'm probably going to need help against a piss drunk Apollo, I'm not what people would call "strong"

    Also, I'd now like to add to my lists of praise worthy jams the entirety of 02-12-2017 as that setlist fucks just as good as she looks

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    @dontjudgedave The Mage and Jesus both bailed when they spotted Apollo. You were on your own. Fortunately, right before Apollo was about to overtake you from behind, he slipped on a discarded Trash Slap wrapper, split his head open on the floor, and transformed into a Weasel. Very fortunate for you, indeed.

  • @Johnny-Love Trash wins again.


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