Review: 2018-10-13 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, NY

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    Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-10-13 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, NY

    I awoke Saturday morning in a strange bed in an unfamiliar room. The noise pollution outside was ugly, intrusive, and hurt my head. I began to put things together slowly.... Airbnb... NYC... Spafford with the homies... Oh yah, I remember now. It was almost noon, I stumbled out into the main living space where Uncle Ron (@Lauer-Nation ) and Brett (@603Brett ) had camped out on adjacent sofa beds. Wake up kids, let's go get lunch. We each ordered our own Roberta's pie, some cocktails and beers, and got our day started. (It didn't last long for me, as soon as we were back to the Airbnb I was napping until almost showtime.)

    We got to the venue around 6:15-6:30ish and checked in for the VIP Q&A. The questions were fun and light, and the band answered them thoughtfully while still having a lot of fun with the whole thing. When that wrapped, the venue had the bar open for us (unlike the night before) and we got things rolling.

    General doors opened at 7:30 and there was family everywhere you look in the venue from all over the country. So many hugs and handshakes and smiles and hugs. Drinks flowed, along with chatter about the previous night's show. The venue began to fill up for the sold out show as I took my spot on the rail while the rest of the crew scoped a spot on the balcony. Lights come down, band comes on, and we are off.

    A standard romp through Simon and Lily got the night started off. They had asked for suggestions during the sound check the previous night and they had tuned up with this tune then. Next up came Backdoor Funk to bring the heat followed by a beautiful Slip and Squander that had the crowd eating out of Red's puddle palm. Another sound checked tune, In the Eyes of Thieves which had some extra flair from Brian came next and contained the first real raucous peak of the night. Shake You Loose brought it back down a little bit with that boogie woogie swing and it felt like the perfect slot for it. Ain't That Wrong kicked the party back up to 11 for a rocking dance party and suddenly it was setbreak and time for some air!

    The talk during the break was allllll about the Electric Taco Stand that we could feel was coming and, oh boy, this one was smoking hot. Alternate Ending had been scratched from the setlist a few nights earlier and I had been holding out hope that I would be privy to my first rendition sometime this weekend.... Brian turned the peak from ETS on a dime and blissfully brought us to la-la-land. Cam's subtle snare march was so rock solid, driving and pushing the band through multiple soaring peaks that had me on Mars. Arms above my head, palms outstretched, surrendering to the bliss... And we are back into ETS. A few minutes back and Brian finds his machine gun riff and builds on it until the song rips to a close. How do they follow that? With a super upbeat bluegrass tinged Soul to Squeeze which seemed to have a little extra juice leftover from the last jam as Brian breaks out the machine gun and slays everyone with a brief but killer solo. Crazy is one of my favorite songs to re-listen to, and I've been fortunate to see it live previously and it felt like a perfect set closer for the night.

    Beautiful Day encore was spine tingling... The crowd carried the last chorus run really well and the All In that closed the show was a BEAST.... They had saved the greatest and deepest jam for the end of the night and it had us all so amped as we burst out onto the street where the nitrous crews had already assembled to hawk their warm, sad, oxygenated N2O. We visited with friends, giving hugs and chatting on the street for 20 mins about our excitement for Sunday until Brett pulled us into the wrong Uber and another adventure began...

  • Jeeze, leave out homie #4...;-)

  • @uconnwes and new homey, @LAfadeaway. Like I wasn’t even there 😂

  • @crappygeorge great review of an amazing night

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    @uconnwes you weren't actually there you were visiting from the future on a time traveling adventure

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    @LAfadeaway I will never forget you.... And that's not awkward at all

  • In my defense, what are the chances of the same make and model vehicle arriving on the same corner at the same time? Sad as those balloons may have been, I challenge anyone to wrangle three giggle heads off the streets of Wooklyn in my condition and be successful on the first attempt. That said, great review my man...and yes, I blew it. LOL

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