2018-10-09 - Higher Ground - South Burlington, VT

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    Vermont in October is one of my favorite places on Earth. We were treated to an unseasonably warm couple days with near peak foliage. I got into town early and after a nice dinner and some pre show beers headed to the venue with my buddy. I wasn't there last year so I was a little surprised the place was so small. When the show started there were maybe 30 people there including staff.

    alt text

    Dream Jam opener into an aborted Take Your Mama, which was really only half a verse before they just went off into another jam. Dream Jam topped off at around 33 minutes with Mama around 12 minutes. As far as I'm concerned it was a 45 minute jam with a little Mama jam. The last 12 or so minutes of Jam Dream is just incredible. Jordan stepped right up and took control of the jam with Red and Brian peppering over Cams drums with a beautiful melody that builds up to a Brian led peak. The closing jam in Mama is just pure raw rocking Spafford with a near seamless segue into Backdoor Funk. BDF and its badass funky self ends a two song set.

    Some Vermont freshies and Toppers and we're primed for set II.

    Band opens with "Maple Jam" which is just an intro extension for the beast of a newer song, Broken Wing. BW jam took off with Red leading the charge and a fairly standard Brian rage build and peak. The meat and potatoes of this show is Salamander Song and Plans. Set list called for an extended Salamander Song->Alternate Ending->Salamander Song. They skipped AE and went into this beautiful dream like jam reminiscent of Phish circa '99. @crappygeorge , yes I missed every Hey just for you.

    alt text

    A little weird they played only a 30 minute 2nd set but we were treated to a 30 minute encore so it all washed out anyway. They played People which I love but this show is really all about Plans. The Brian rage jam after Jordan's vocals was a little extended and most certainly did rage. When they dropped into the big jam as usual Cam and Jordan brought the funk. This jam is like a highlight reel for all four guys though. Cam absolutely destroys and is far and away the backbone of the jam. About mid way through Brian bends down and plays with his board creating a wall of sound that bleeds in with Reds work so well. Jordan and Cam bringing that space funk like alien spacecraft landing on my face. Or at least, that's what it felt like. Monster peak and bam, that's a wrap.

    alt text

  • $$$

    I wish I could write you a ticket for heying out of line

  • @Lauer-Nation
    Salamander "Hey" classes will be offered evenings this winter. You are free to attend shows but will be fined for any and all misplaced "hey's" until your course has been completed.
    The Hey Police

  • @603Brett There would have been many HEY citations issued at this particular show. But it was super fun.

  • @simple-stevie heyyyyyooooohhhhh

  • @603Brett I see your heys and raise you Heyyyyy

  • @Uncle-Ron So Thursday night in Ft. Lauderdale, Salamander was the encore. It was super groovy, but I think I noticed something new. In the usual, wrong "hey" place, lots of peeps let loose with a "woo"! So the flow was ba dam bampa da bamp "woo", ba dam bampa da bamp "hey", which was actually kinda cool. Can't really hear it on nugs, but in the room it was loud. HEY!

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