• One of my personal biases is that I always thought the guitar was over-presented in jam bands. I know this is rock and roll (plus jazz and whatnot). I always think the bass could be a little lounder (especially mid 1.0 Phish) and I have a hard time really loving any band that doesn't have a full time keyboard player.

    Right now I am watching Spaff Echo Sessions, and I LOVE Andrew's (sorry, had to look that up) constant contribution with organ, Rhodes, and piano sounds.

    Does he ever play an actual piano? Any shows where the keys in particular really shine?

  • Red (Andrew) is always in the mix/leading jams, so I'd have a hard time picking a specific show. But the Backdoor Funk>On Fire>Backdoor Funk from 11/16/17 is probably my favorite interaction between Red and Brian. Great stuff.

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