Cabin Jams 1 and 2

  • So I have been mostly listening to Spaff on nugs, and that is pretty great, but someone suggested I check out the Cabin Jams and they are the bomb(s). As a result, I know about their sound could page and have tons of versions of songs to check out.

    Are there other little pockets of Spaff I need to know about. Not specific shows, but sources.


    Peace out.


  • Use the media player on Spaffnerds to listen to the older shows posted to Archive. I'm partial to 2015 (see 3/8, 9/6, and 10/30 among others), but there's a ton of great recordings from 2013-16. There are a few "best shows" posts in this forum, I'd look there for other recommendations.

  • Great. I didn't realize that was an option. Since nugs only goes back to 2017, I am looking forward to that 2015 / 2016 sound.

  • $

    The sound check jams from 12/30/2018 were great as well. Auds only I believe.

  • To add to @Frito-Pie suggestion...those early recordings you find via the media player are mostly Jordan’s recordings that he mixed himself. Lots and lots of excellent sounding sbd’s to get you grooving on their growing sound and chemistry.

  • This is one of my favorite links on this site:

    Jump back before '17 and you're in a gold mine of joy. Jordan did a phenomenal job mixing and releasing these. They're gems.

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