Review: 2019-11-01 - 191 Toole - Tuscon, AZ

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    Night three of a four-night run for this Floridian and I was beat. I met @mccuem in Santa Fe, flew to Phoenix following the Meow Wolf ripper, had an amazing experience at The Van Buren, in no small part thanks to The Fun Cult, and here I was in Tucson. My crew and I drove from Phoenix. The ride to Tucson was flat and boring, reminiscent of familiar Florida drives. I rode in the back of the car and as I faded in and out of consciousness, I heard stories regarding the ASU and U of A rivalry that exists between many area nerds. One story I remember was about a slap made to fuel the flames of this rivalry and give one of my favorite Spaffnerds a friendly ribbing. We arrived in Tucson and stopped at a local eatery for some nourishment, I still have no idea why there was so much bacon in my burrito, and I love bacon. Once fed we were off to 191 Toole.

    tuscon 4.JPG

    Driving over to 191 we past an old hotel that must’ve been partially responsible for Sean Tierney’s November 2018 Tucson print, Spaff history, love it. The evening’s print had earlier been reveled and it was a stunner by Brandy Michelle. I believe this was her second Spafford print, it appropriately paid homage to Arizona, and due to content created whispers of an inbound Space Gadget.

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    We arrived at 191 and I was allowed in to set up my table for All My Friends, Spafford’s group supporting clean and sober fans. I was most pleased by the layout of the venue, small and intimate, my table was right behind the sound boards, a perfect spot. Next up was the VIP sound check and Q + A with the band. My favorite question asked was by Dean. The question was, “Who you would like to take a music lesson from?” Brian’s response was Hendrix and Trey, Red’s Brent Mydland and Billy Payne, Jordan’s response Victor Wooten, and Nick stated the drummer from Journey. Doors were then opened, many of my favorite people from Spaff land piled into the venue, and anticipation peaked.

    tuscon 1.JPG

    The show began with Todd’s Tots and it was a doozy. The guys came out of the gate strong and continued with Lonely, a song that blossomed in 2018. As always Red shined during My Road (My Road). It’s a Bunch followed and then On Fire closed out set one. Brian flubbed the lyrics during On Fire. At the time Chuck was standing at my table, he looked over and asked me, “Did he just mess the lyrics up?” To which I responded, “Yup, but he rebounded beautifully.

    tuscon 3.JPG

    Set two got started with the new Gold Glittered Hat. I love this song as it sounds like nothing else. Next up was Red’s Jam, In the Eyes of Thieves, Double Time, and Feel Like a Stranger closed out set two. For an encore we got Space Gadget.
    I cannot say if the versions of songs played on this evening were all time bests. I have been told that this was the best show of the final four of tour. I don’t care if it was the best or worst of tour. I cherish the memories, the people I meet and the conversations I had. Having experienced my first AZ run I can verify there is nothing like Spafford tour in Arizona. I had the time of my life, I am eternally grateful to everyone I met as well as everyone who helped me make this trip possible.

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  • Less than one week brother! Epic review!

  • @mccuem Dooooooood! Love you man

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