Review: 2018-07-08 - Levitate Music Festival - Marshfield, MA

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    I hit Levitate late Sunday morning, my wife and kids in tow. We made it through traffic and into the lot behind the main stage with relative ease. I was anxious because Spafford's set was early @ 2:15 and we were still in traffic out front at 1.

    By the time we met up with Ron and hit the front gates it was already 1:30. We came upon the Style Stage (middle sized of the 3 stages at Levitate) to find the band casually sound checking. We said our hellos and well wishes and retreated to set up by the left of the soundboard as they vamped on a funky jam.

    My wife and kids could sense my relief at finally arriving with time to spare and we all relaxed a bit. They took off for slushes and face painting and Ron @Lauer-Nation and I got started with some brews, gave hugs and hellos to all the spaffamily along the rail, and dug in for the set!!

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    The America opener was hot out of the gate. (Yes, @603Brett, you immediately got credit from Ron for calling that one, well-played sir). The continued buzz around the band was felt as the crowd rapidly ballooned from less than 100 to what felt like thousands. The energy was high and the riffs were powerful, as the band drew their crowd closer.

    Backdoor Funk came slinking up next for what would become the jam of the set. After a roaring peak, the band moved into a smooth jam while Cam set the table. The driving jam once again peaked at what we all thought would be the end of the song but they weren't finished as another layered jam emerged. By the time they were done, close to 30 minutes had passed and we were only two songs in.

    The killer shuffle of Broken Wing started up next. This was my first live experience for this tune and it just seemed to fit the daytime festy slot so so so well. I couldn't help but remark how easy Cam made it look. He CRUSHED this song start to finish in so many subtle ways I couldn't begin to explain... The band was having SO much fun with this one building the crowd to a frenzy with Brian chicken pickin' like a lunatic, foot up on the monitor, and really giving it to the fans with a full sonic onslaught.

    alt text

    When Beautiful Day started up, my wife had returned with my 7-year old son who I placed on my shoulders and danced as best I could without falling over in the midday July heat. This was bliss. The crowd swayed and sang in the sweaty sunlight and I felt like the luckiest man alive to have my family there with me to feel that perfect moment.

    Ron and I mused over what the next song would be as we approached their one-hour mark and, as he said it, they broke into The Reprise. The band takes such obvious delight in making this a slow burn and building that tension... With their joy apparent, they pulled and twisted this into a raging finale. The crowd was absolutely bonkers for them as Moss crashed down face-melting peaks just ruining everyone within earshot.

    Brian gave everyone a little nod as they decided they had enough time for one more. They ripped into a favorite and special request from Sharon Steinberg and the team sparkle crew, Space Gadget. The short and punchy tune ended the set with a bang and I'm sure more than a few people walked away whistling that catchy riff to themselves asking, what the hell happened to Inspector Gadget??

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  • @crappygeorge great review man. I absolutely felt like I was there. It was fun to couch tour this, sitting with my wife and our infant daughter, but there's nothing like being there to really feel the groove.

    Glad you guys had fun and the kids got to see some spaff!

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    Great review, @crappygeorge! I totally felt the vibes of your experience. That's at least two shows for your kiddies, are you tracking their stats???!!!! Track YO STATS!!

  • Thanks for the review! I was at Levitate and was completely unfamiliar with Spafford’s music but I was instantly hooked. I’ve been listening to their music all week and they’ve got a new convert after that performance.

  • @Quentin said in Review: 2018-07-08 - Levitate Music Festival - Marshfield, MA:

    Thanks for the review! I was at Levitate and was completely unfamiliar with Spafford’s music but I was instantly hooked. I’ve been listening to their music all week and they’ve got a new convert after that performance.

    Welcome aboard man! Be sure to add Levitate to your list of shows. Start tracking your stats now and you won't wonder later which shows you went to.

    Also, if you're new to the band you should check out the Nugs Must Listen thread.

    And without a doubt you need to hear the Pizza Jam and Cabin Jam.

    There's so much good stuff. I'm excited for you!

  • @damian thanks! I’m excited to dig into all these recs. Looks awesome

  • Excellent review. Such a great day and a smoker of a set. Looking forward to raging more sets with you

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