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This was my first Spafford show. I’ve been looking forward to this for months as I have not listened to a band this obsessively before seeing them live since I started listening to Phish in high school. The deep dive has been strong the last 3-4 months and my excitation was peaking hard the morning of the show (pretty sure I was just pacing around my house for an hour waiting for my girlfriend to get off work so we could head to the festival). We arrived at the Werk Out with a few hours before Spafford was set to play and it is really just a beautiful, small festival. No waiting lines, beautiful venue, and laid back vibe. After we hiked all our stuff in and set up camp with a big group of our friends, I ran down to catch some music because the Thursday night li...

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Just thought it'd be fun to get something new going on around here and also have everyone listening to the same thing at the same how about a show of the month thread open for discussion?

Should also be a cool way to find new favorite shows that you might not find otherwise, and as people continue to join the site, it gives them a way to jump right in.

I picked 8/9/2014 for August, mainly because the 26 minute LTLO is on the outstanding versions of songs list and also you can't go wrong with a Midnight Rider cover.

So give it a listen and a review...

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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-07-29 - Element Music Festival - British Columbia, CA

After the late night madness, Spafford moved from the barn to the main stage which has a beautiful background of mountains, a lake, and trees as far as the eye can see. Set time was 5:15pm and the weather gods provided cloud cover for the opening of the set. This allowed for maximum daytime dancing! The crowd was once again very intimate as this was the Sunday of the festival and many guests had left earlier in the day (still was basically under 100 people). As we approached the stage we noticed two extra microphones in the back left corner.

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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-07-28 - Element Music Festival - British Columbia, CA

Let me try to set the scene as best I can. Element Music Festival is set on this amazing piece of property that has gorgeous mountains and hills all around it, there is a beautiful lake in the middle of it directly behind the main stage, the moon was huge all four nights because of the full moon on that Friday, and there were literally just 300 tickets sold to the event. Needless to say I knew it was one of the final times that I would see Spafford with such a small crowd. On this Saturday night Lotus had j...

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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-07-21 - The Peach Music Festival - Scranton, PA

Peach Fest. July 21, 2018. Saturday at Peach was very wet, with a huge rain storm rolling in early in the morning and intermittently dropping buckets of water onto all of the Peach veterans and noobs alike. My day started off with a 35-minute wait for a shuttle to the top of the mountain, as they had seemingly forgotten people were still parking in our lot. @Cody, @Kyle-Burbank, Collin, and I met up with the lege...