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The band announced today that it would be adding an after party show to follow the 9/2/2017 North Music Festival show.. We've added it to the SpaffBase and you can go ahead and add it to your list of shows. The only catch is that, due to a bug in the SpaffBase, we've had to list it as happening on the next day. So it is technically listed as the 9/3/2017 show. If the show starts after midnight then no correction will need to be made. Otherwise the show date will be corrected as soon as the bug is squashed.

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UPDATE: The contest has ended and @TimsTots won a couple of really awesome pins. (More of @Jayson1974's work can be found for sale in the SpaffLot

Hey Nerds! I wanted to make sure you were all aware of the drawing going on over in the Fans Of Spafford group on Facebook.

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Spafford released it's 2nd studio album Abaculus today and it's immediately available on Spotify for those of you who have an account.

Give it a listen and share your thoughts. I'm certain you won't be disappointed. At first listen it sounds a bit like some of the old style deep jams that have been Spafford's signature for years. There's a depth and breadth to the jam that's a hallmark of the band's sound.

According to HuffPost the album was "[r]ecorded in a s...

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Find the setlist and available recordings here:

Night 12 was my first and only Baker's Dozen show - it's no coincidence that Spafford was playing a headlining after show at the (apparently) famous BB Kings. We filed out of MSG just after the encore of a really amazing Phish show and made a b-line straight to the venue. The walk was as weird as could be as we tried to navigate through the twenty thousand phans that were unleashed on the streets of Manhatten mixed with the usual tourists. Food was in the back of our minds as we rushed over to BB Kings, but luckily, there is a McDonald's right across the street from the venue. It was the busiest McDonald's I've ever seen, an...