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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-01-11 - 7th Street Entry - Minneapolis, MN

Ahhh what a great day it was, I got to see Spafford for the fourth time in two weeks. The weather in North East Wisconsin was mid 40s and raining-- not bad for Wisconsin in the winter, but nothing like Arizona two weeks ago. I was aware that Minnesota just had the storm we were about to get hit with in Wisconsin, so I was ready to go earlier than I had planned. I got in touch with my friend Andy, who I met at a few Phish and Umphrey’s shows, and got to bunk at his and his wife’s place in Minneapolis. The drive to Andy’s contained white knuckles 90% of the way. I have driven in many snow sto...

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It looks like there's an interview out today with everybody's favorite bassist. Check it out here:


It's written by Lizzie Morelli who may know Jordan better than any of us. She says up front that they live together. Pretty cool to be a music journalist, to live with a killer musician, and to be able to interview him on the record. Take a peek into a Saturday morning in a quiet home in AZ. Then hold onto your buts for the start of the "For Amusement Only Tour."

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Nerds! We are extremely excited to have Andrew J. Thomas (@andrewthomas) join us on Wednesday, January 10th for a Q & A session. In case you didn't know, Andrew made Brian's custom built guitar which has been lovingly named "Raven." This is your chance to ask Andrew about making guitars, the Raven itself, any of his other work, or what it was like to win Beau of the Electro Funk Ball.

We'll run the Q & A right here in this thread. Andrew will join us at 5PM eastern and be online for about an hour and a half. You can post your questions ahead of time on this thread and he'll answer them when he's with us. This dude's been around a while and seen some cool stuff. I know I've got a bunch of questions at the ready, so jump in...

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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2017-12-31 - The Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ

New Year’s Eve? Last day of the year, one I usually reserve for staying home and avoiding too much interaction with the world outside my bubble. But 2017 was a different kind of year for me, for my family, for this band that I truly love.

If you don’t know, I am a proud brother of Red. I’m sure our other brother has a moment like mine when I knew he was going to do something big. Mine was when he played Glycerine on the piano in our living room when he was 16. I can still hear every note, and believe I shed a tea...

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@Jon-Rose has started a gofundme to help a long time Nerd with the untimely loss of her husband. Please consider making a donation to help Lauren deal with the funeral costs and other expenses surrounding Kevin's untimely death. Any amount helps.