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Nerds, we are super excited to announce an AMA with @Jon-Rose on Friday 9/22 at 2PM Eastern. This is a chance for you guys to ask Spafford's primary print maker about... well... anything. The band just released an official video which shows the artist at work creating the VIP poster for the 11/11/2017 Globe Hall, Colorado show:
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We'll kick off the AMA right here on this thread. So think up some good qu...

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Today Spafford announced that the band will be playing a 3 night, New Years Run for the hometown crowd in Phoenix, AZ. I personally couldn't be more excited about this as I'm a new resident of the 48th state. Tickets are currently onsale and the shows have been added to the SpaffBase. Get tickets and meet me there.

There is also a CID package which includes brunch, soundcheck, and some other cool perks.

We hope to see some of you come in from out of town. I hear the Crescent Ballroom is a great venue and this should be an amazing time. Can't wait to see you Nerds there.

Official Announcement


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Setlist, Recordings, and Attendance from 9/9/2017 - Canyon Jam @ Mishawaka - Bellvue, CO

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The word on Spafford must be out, officially I mean. I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday meeting new nerds who were in town for their first show. It sort of felt like one for me as well as I was seeing the band in a new amazing venue and it had been since April that I was treated to a show. I’ll add my observations to this review but do yourself a favor and listen to it without any distractions, then listen to it again. This was one of those performances where I wa...

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2017-09-02: Concord Hall

Having been at BB King's in NY and now the Concord here in Chicago, I can safely say there is something about a Spafford late-night show that makes me think of the movie Gremlins: do NOT feed this powerhouse quartet after midnight or they might turn sinister. Well, I don't know if they'd go so far as to throw any of their colleagues into a microwave and watch them explode, but they certainly know how to get downright NASTY and this night was no exception. From the opening chords of The R...

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Find the setlist and available recordings here:

We checked the forecast daily leading up to the Peach Festival. It changed daily, from rain everyday, to no rain, and back and forth and everything in between. We planned for the worst and that is what we got for most of Friday. In addition to the weather issues, there was a big power issue that plagued the two stages inside the main festival area with no sound.

We were so pumped to see Spafford. We passed out I’m Killing It stickers to everyone we could and told them they should not miss the band. It was great to hear from so many that were already planning on going. When Saturday finally came around, the forecast cal...