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Nerds! Today is the 1 year anniversary of the launch of Spaffnerds.com. And so we begin the next chapter. We've completely rewritten the web application from the ground up to provide a better experience for you and to ease development for us. We have also spun up a much anticipated and requested Spaffnerds Store where you can get your official Spaffnerds gear.

A Year, by the Numbers
This infographic by @Cody pretty much says it all. When we hit 1000 users this past week I nearly fainted.
New Logos and Tagline
You may have noticed our new "Spaffhands" logo floating around. We finally have an icon that we think will be instantly recognizable inside and outside of the community. And with it we've updated our tagline to be:
0_1524249688957_mediumtile.png Of Nerds, By Nerds, and For Nerds

After all, that's what we are. You can grab some stickers and hats in the store that will let you rep your Nerd pride.

The Merch Store
You've asked, we've listened. We now have a storefront where you can get official Spaffnerds merch. We've got a few things in there to get us started, but stay tuned as we roll out some cool stuff that you can custie up and drop some cash on. Profits will go to support the site and will be reinvested into building out more merch for you.

The New App
Warning: inbound nerd info: fun for engineers and coders

We get a TON of requests for new features for the app. Our standard response has been that the code base just wasn't in a position where building new stuff was all that easy. It is now. In software we have a concept called the "MVP" or Minimally Viable Product. That's what you've been using for the last year. When we build MVPs we seek to prove out an idea and show that it has value. But we don't intend to leave them in place forever.

This past year you've given us feedback, both through your words and actions, about what features were most valuable to you. We added a Forum, built Stat tracking, changed what was seen on the homepage, and worked with the ideas that you all inspired. We did so to balance what you wanted with what we could deliver.

Back in November we began the ground up rewrite of the app using React and Redux. It follows standards, implements design patterns, has excellent test coverage, and makes it all around easier to build. This is our stable version. It's not perfect but Spaffnerds 2.0 is no longer an MVP. We hope this makes it easier to give you guys more of what you want.

Thank You
Most of all, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. You guys make this labor of love worth it. This community is second to none, and my experiences in it over the past year have been second to none. As year two begins, and the band keeps on trucking, we hope to see more of you join us and be a part of everything we're doing. We'll see you around, same nerd time, same nerd channel.

I'd be remiss not to give a shoutout to a few people without whom none of this would have been possible.

And most importantly, Spafford. You guys fucking crush it every time you get up there on stage. There's no better advertising for this site than the music you guys produce night after night.

Don't forget we're drawing 2 - 1 year nugs.net subscriptions at 10PM EST. It's not too late to enter - Edit: It's too late.

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Nerds! In celebration of the anniversary of the launch of spaffnerds.com we are giving away a pair of 1 year nugs subscriptions! Next Friday 4/20 marks the 1 year anniversary of the day I took a deep breath and hit "go" on this amazing experience.

Story Time
I built the initial site in about 3 months time. It was barely more than a database with a web UI on top of it. There was no forum, there was no show tracking, let alone stats. There was, however, a solid collection of shows from the Archive and YouTube, and a community that I knew would want what I had to offer. In the year since, thanks to your input, we've added some cool features and developed what I think is a pretty solid offering for the best jam band community around. I'm grateful to all of you for helping to make this site, and this community, what it is.

Okay, enough of my pointless reminiscing. Let's get you some free stuff. This time around we're offering (2) lucky winners a free, (1) year subscription to nugs.net. We've done this before and you guys know how it's done. But for clarity the rules are below. One caveat... My daughter is due to be born in the coming days. It's possible that I will be unable to do the drawing should she come early. In that case I'll ask @robAF or @Cody to take care of business. If that happens we may not be able to have video posted of the drawing. If that bothers you, don't enter the drawing. This is a freebee and we're honest people, you may just have to trust us.

  • There will be a total of (2) prizes given away.
    • (2) lucky winners will each receive a 1 year subscription to nugs.net
  • The drawing will take place on Friday, April 20th at 7:00PM Arizona Time
    • (This is subject to change if real life interferes. You will be notified ahead of time should the time of the drawing change.)
  • The drawing will be live streamed on the Spaffbase Facebook page
    • As soon as the live stream is completed we will post the video to our youtube channel and make it available on this thread.
    • The birth of my daughter may interfere with this. I'm not going to feel remotely bad about that. You'll just have to trust us if there's no video
  • Names will be placed in a list which will be randomized and numbered. A random number will be generated and the name which matches that number will be chosen as a winner.
  • This is not a fundraiser but you are always welcome to make a donation
    • Donation is not required to participate in the drawing. If you decide to donate, please post your donations to our paypal account. https://paypal.me/spaffnerds/5
  • You are ineligible to win if you have won one of these drawings within the last year.
  • You must claim your prize within one week of the drawing or it is forfeited.

How Do I Enter?

  • Like the Spaffbase Facebook page and/or follow us on twitter.
  • Come back to this thread and add your name to the list and say something like "I'm in" (but feel free be more creative).
  • Share this thread with your friends who are into the scene, bonus (worthless internet) points if you turn somebody new on to Spafford.

Thank You Nerds!
It's been an amazing year. I've launched this site, the band is skyrocketing to the top, and this community is growing. It is truly a place that I'm proud to call home and I love working with all of you, the best fans on the jam band scene. Here's to an awesome first year and to many more. Stay tuned... we've got a lot more to come. We're all in for the ride, it ain't that wrong, and love's the common binding, for people like me and you.

raise a glass

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If you don't know Wes Williams, you should. He's an old friend of the band and has a bunch of history entwined with the boys. If Spafford and Wes are in the same town it's not unreasonable to find a sit in. Brian joined them in NOLA a few months back and it looks like Red popped in last night in Phoenix.

Here's some video of Beautiful Day
2018-04-11 - Wes Williams w/ Red Johnson - Beautiful Day - Phoenix, AZ – 03:02
— Spaffnerds

And a stream capture, thanks to @archive-it (AKA, Grout)

You can find out more about the Wes Williams Band here:

Tour Dates can be found here:

Recent album: The Front Porch Sessions here:

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Nerds! We are really excited to announce a new feature in the Spaffbase: Embedded Audio Player for Archive and YouTube. You'll now see YouTube and Archive recording buttons have a "Play" button on them. If you hit that the content will open in site and (on desktop) begin playing. Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for all your Spafford needs. We hope this feature saves you a few clicks and makes it easier to drink from the Spafford firehose.

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Nerds! Get your first taste of the "For Amusement Only" album!


Also be sure to head over to the Guitar World FB post and give it a like and a share.

Whats everyone's thoughts on this track? Really digging it so far. I think its awesome they actually created a studio version of the track and are not just jamming it in the studio.

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