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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-10-12 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

Wow…what a killer weekend! Each night was sick and so great to see so many friends and Nerds at the show! Awesome to meet so many of you, even if I don’t remember it…post show can get pretty …hazy.

Anyway…Fuck Yeah, Friday night was sick.

After some hiccups trying to get out of work on time, I made it over to the venue to VIP Check-In and grabbed my poster and cup then went and got in line with all the Nerds already waiting out front. They let us in about 6:30 to catch the tail end of Soundcheck which included a rocking version of

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All In It For The Ride

The text messages started rolling in about 9 a.m. “Tonight’s the night my friend! You ready for the get down?” Indeed, I was! And the day would just get better. Already had a planned meet-up with all the ‘nerds coming to town. Next thing we know another good friend decides to drive down that day after seeing tickets posted. Well this just keeps getting better!!!!

6 p.m. rolls around and we head into The Crying Wolf for some pre-show shenanigans. A few folks are there already and by 7, we are conversing with strangers as if we have known them all along. Some from out of town, some who live here, many have never met, until now. Doors open, and we all pay our tabs and walk the block to the Basement East. I see Red standing outs...

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The prospect of a weekday show is always an interesting experience for me – the excitement to get out and break up the mundanity of my typical flow, accompanied by the doubts of whether or not I actually want to drive multiple hours to and from my destination to be back at work the next morning. To go with that, I couldn’t wrangle any friends to make the trip and I’d be flying solo. After the inevitable back and forth, I always come to the realization that I’m never bummed that I went to the show, only bummed that I didn't! So at 5:15 PM I got in my trusty Subaru Outback, Blue Mountain, and made the trek down to Columbus to see my favorite band - Spafford! I pulled up to A and R Music Bar about 15 minutes until show time, parked in the garage across the...

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We are nerds. From Chicago. Who now live in Phoenix. The last time we saw the guys live was the heady NYE run which basically means it has been WAY too long in between Spafford shows. We were planning on doing the CO run in March, but adulting unfortunately got in the way. We boarded our plane geeked out for the shows and a packed weekend of family and friends in our Sweet Home Chicago. We met up with our homies Tom and Sarah Sommers (two of our favorite people in this universe) and went for a drink across the street from HOB a few hours before doors. What did we talk about? Dunno. What did we drink? Dunno. All we cared about was time for doors and securing our rail spot, just where

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Nerds! Here we sit as the trees change color, the hoodies come out, and we are bathed in the joy, or horror, that is pumpkin spice. Okay, who am I kidding, I live in Arizona, the trees don't change and the hoodies don't come out until December. In fact, the only harbinger of the change in season is the inevitable coming of Spafford's Fall Tour which begins TOMORROW! (Cue gasp.)

In celebration of the joy that will befall (get it... it's a pun...) our ears, hearts, and minds over the next few months we are kicking off a new pin and a new hat in the Spaffnerds store, and we're giving away (2) 12 months subscriptions to Nugs.net! Yes, you can spend an entire year listening to all your favorite jam bands at no cost to ...