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Setlist, Recordings, and Attendance for: 2017-10-14 - The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI

Saturdays are for the boys and on this fine Saturday the boys drove out to Ann Arbor, Michigan for some Spafford. A buddy and I drove from Milwaukee to Chicago the night before to meet up with some other Nerds in town and a fellow Nerd who flew in from Denver. Safe to say it was a nice reunion and we maybe had too much fun the night before the show.

That didn't stop us, however, as we woke up and were out of Chicago by 10 AM for a nice four-hour trip to Ann Arbor. I had never been to Ann Arbor before and unfortunately this time didn't get to see too much of the city or campus, but I'd like to go back if I ...

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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2017-10-13 - The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN

A newbies maiden voyage on the S.S. Spafford:

0_1509394281540_spaff 1 marquee.jpg

Nestled in the middle of a block downtown amid other bars/restaurants and shops on one of the main avenues that carry traffic though the area surrounding Indiana University sat The Bluebird Nightclub. Spafford’s new tour bus proudly parked in front and the throwback marquee let us know we were in the right spot. This was my first show at The Bluebird and first time seeing Spafford (or the opener Hayley Jan...

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We are delighted to have the opportunity to give away 2 free tickets to Spafford's Halloween show in New Orleans:

The first person to respond here will have 2 tickets with their name on them at will call! It goes without saying that you must actually be planning to go to the show to recieve these.


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Setlist, Recordings, and Attendance for: 2017-10-11 - State Theater, State College, PA

Wednesday, October 11th, marked the first time Spafford played the State Theatre, a former movie theatre located in State College, PA, home of Penn State. This was my 9th and final show of the year and I was eagerly looking forward to it as I made my way up the scenic US-22, which has some really great views of the Susquehanna River this time of year.

And you get to see this, because why not put a replica of the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the Susquehanna riv...

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The hits just keep on coming! For the 3rd day in a row you can stream some Spafford. I keep saying it but, "What a time to be alive!" The stream starts 7PM Eastern, which is now... unless I've got my timezones mixed up or I've fallen through a temporal distortion. Click the link image:

alt text