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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-07-21 - The Peach Music Festival - Scranton, PA

It was After Midnight, and from left to right Red, Jordan, Brian, and Cam were set back 15 feet from the front of the stage in an attempt to keep them and their equipment out of the vertical downpour of rain that had been raging since 6 or 7pm. Far back as they were, there was no defense against the sideways rain and the boys and their crew grimaced their way through a challenging soundcheck. Things were in a rough state on Montage Mountain. I suck at estimating crowd size, so please give me some help in the comments, but I’d say there were about 500-700 rain-drenched and poncho-draped nerds in front of Mushroom Stage at...

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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-07-08 - Levitate Music Festival - Marshfield, MA

I hit Levitate late Sunday morning, my wife and kids in tow. We made it through traffic and into the lot behind the main stage with relative ease. I was anxious because Spafford's set was early @ 2:15 and we were still in traffic out front at 1.

By the time we met up with Ron and hit the front gates it was already 1:30. We came upon the Style Stage (middle sized of the 3 stages at Levitate) to find the band casually sound checking. We said our hellos and well wishes and retreated to set up by the left of the soundboard as they vamped on a funk...

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Nerds! We're really really really excited to announce the first major feature upgrade in Spaffnerds 2.0. Thanks to the hard work of our team, specifically @alexkiaie, we've got a full featured embedded media player in spaffnerds.com. All Archive and YouTube recordings will play in the embedded media player, and you can browse the site while they play. Feel free to check song history, lyrics, other shows, or even buy tickets. The media player will keep your ears happy through the whole thing.

Here's a demo of the EMP in action:

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Nerds! To celebrate Tall Four and to promote the sale of tickets through spaffnerds.com we are giving away a pair of 1 year nugs subscriptions! This contest is a little bit different, and it applies to some retroactive actions you may have taken, so be sure to read on...

We're offering (2) lucky winners a free, (1) year subscription to nugs.net. We've done this before and you guys know how it's done but this time is a little different.

  • There will be a total of (2) prizes given away.
    • (2) lucky winners will each receive a 1 year subscription to nugs.net
  • <...
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Spafford has released their Fall Tour schedule. We've added all dates to spaffnerds.com along with ticket purchase links.

The band has a promo video which you can check out here:
Spafford 2018 Fall Tour Announce – 02:58
— SpaffordMusic