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How do you get your live dose of Spafford?

Some of you Nerds get to go on tour, hit multiple shows, and maybe squeeze in a summer festival. Congratulations, I salute you for soaking in as much jamming as possible. For others, despite the desire for more, more, more we have to be satisfied with a single show squeezed in between work and family commitments. These days, I'm a member of the latter group. Which means when I do get my Spafford fix, I savor every guitar solo, cling to every cymbal crash, and absorb every bass vibration. They have to last me months.

With my touring days relegated to the rearview mirror and the band eschewing Denver for Colorado ski towns this winter, the Barkley Ballroom show was my lon...

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Nerds! That was fun. The April Fool's gag got incredible feedback, and use, from the community. It was really fun putting it together and launching it. Believe it or not we did that in less than 1 week's time. In case you missed it, or you just want another go at whack-a-nerd, you can still find the reskinned site and the game available at the following locations:


The gag wouldn't have been possible without the incredible contributions of (in no particular order) @robAF,

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Coming into this Colorado mountain run, I had extremely high expectations considering the remote and intimate setting. Somehow Steamboat shattered those expectations so I went into Frisco with a blank slate. Spafford completely mangled my sense of judgment so all things became possible again.

alt text

That excitement led us to thinking the show started an hour earlier so we walked our way to the venue before doors had even opened. As luck would have it, Brian and Jordan were hanging outside so a few us got to chat with them. In the brief moments I do interact with the band, I rarely fanboy or gush o...

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Setlist, Attendance, and Recordings for: 2018-03-15 - Old Town Pub, Steamboat, CO

A state like Colorado has many peaks scattered throughout. Add Spafford to Colorado and all you have are peaks. Steamboat Springs was the second stop on the four-night Spafford Colorado run to close out the tour. When the tour was announced and I saw those shows, I somehow wanted to make it, but there was a slim chance I would be able to with school. Well, let me tell you, after that raging Milwaukee Miramar show, I had to go see more, as I didn’t want my Spaff Infection to wear off. I ended up buying the tickets to each of the...

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Spafford will be supporting Umphrey's McGee for a 5 show stretch through Oklahoma, Indiana, and Florida this August. You can use the links below to purchase tickets (when they go onsale, we'll update this post when we've got the onsale dates) and you'll help support the site.

8/9 - Tulsa, OK
8/11 - White River, IN
8/16 - Orlando, FL
8/17 - Miami Beach, FL
8/18 - St. Augustine, FL