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9/30/2017 Attendance and Recordings

First off, hats off to the venue. Everything about Brooklyn Bowl works and flows, the staff are uber friendly, and the room can be packed without feeling crowded. I only caught the tail end of Space Bacon, but what I heard sounded good. I will check them out for sure. Maybe someone who caught their full act can say more.

Set 1:
Shake You Loose
The boys came out and started us off with Shake You Loose. Man, I have to say one of the things I really love about Spaffo...

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Review: 9/29/2017, The Foundry - Philladelphia, PA

Leaving the 8x10 on Thursday night in Baltimore after Red & Co’s lovely rendition of Beautiful Day and waking up to a perfect autumn morning really set the tone for what would be a SpaffTastic evening. My excitement had been mounting all week. It was an opportunity to see a sellout show in my home town with many friends old and new.

Everyone had a great time at the pre-show meetup and I got to meet several s’nerds before the show. Around 8pm we headed into the venue and I snagged a bunch of new merch including th...

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9/27/2017 @ Charlottesville, VA

2017 has been a year full of changes for Spafford. The band started off with their first ever tour of the east coast and went through a lineup change soon after. Cameron Laforest took over on drums for long time member Nick Tkachyk and many fans, including myself, were worried about the ramifications of switching drummers at this point in the band’s development.


Cameron has truly made the position his own, and W...

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Friday night (9/22):

I first discovered my new favorite jam band, Spafford, back in February of this year. They came to Octave in Covington, KY. I was unable to attend the show but was interested in them as I am always looking for new bands to listen to. I was so ecstatic when I first turned on Electric Taco Stand.

Leading into festival season in Ohio I was on the search for where they might pop up and here came Resonance Music and Arts Festival. With an already stacked lineup, Resonance became the go to festival of the year for this mid wester...

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Hello everyone, I hope you had a great summer and welcome to the second segment of the Spafford Six-pack Series on Spaffnerds.com, Oktoberfest Edition. For those you who remember the Summer Six-pack, we will be keeping a similar format, but this time around we will be focusing on Spafford shows from the month of October. This October, Spafford will play 22 shows, some of which will surely be instant classics. To get your minds and bodies ready, take a listen to these 6 shows from Octobers past, some classics, some less known. Please click the links to the show pages below, give the recordings a listen, and let us know what you think! So without further ado, he...