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Not really sure what to say here except you get to listen to Spafford tonight from your home and it doesn't cost you a penny. You know who's going to tune this in??? @crappygeorge. Be like @crappygeorge and listen. Click the link below to go to the stream.

(You're going to need Flash to get this to work... because it's actually a time warp to 2004. But who cares... free ...

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Spafford has announced their first festival show for 2018. They'll be playing at Centennial Park in Atlanta Georgia as part of the Sweetwater 420 Festival. Go figure, it's on April 20th.

When I met @Brian-S-Lake in Alpharetta a number of years ago, he preached the wonders of Sweetwater 420 to me. We even road in a van with a wild dude and his dog named Otto in order to cross state lines and buy some. Then we drank delicious beer while rafting down the Chatahoochie river and we celebrated a truly Superior 4th of July.

Anyway... I digress. You can get more info by c...

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We have created a dedicated facebook page that we will push out announcements of setlists and new recordings. Obviously you'll get that here too but facebook is a place that a lot of us hang out. So like the page and spread the word to others.


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Setlist, Recordings, and Attendance for: 2017-10-07 - Port City Music Hall, Portland, ME

This past weekend has been one of favorites in my year of going to see jam shows on a regular basis. Spafford was one of the last few bands I had left on my wishlist, and finally being at these shows after buying the tickets back in June was completely surreal. I met a bunch of people that I knew from the Facebook groups (George, Brett, Kyle, Cody, Delaney, Seth, and Wes, thank you guys for making it such a fun time!), raged with the Spaffnerds’ resident insane man Kyle Burbank for two shows (He was seeing Seven in the span of eight days),...

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Setlist, Recordings, and Attendance for: 2017-10-06 The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA

Beantown on a beautiful Autumn evening. I will admit my expectations were high as I exited I-93 and began to snake my way through he narrow streets of Cambridge. The Sinclair is a gorgeous theatre with a wrap-around balcony, seating just over 500 people, in the heart of Harvard Square.


I intentionally arrived a few hours early to avoid traffic, meet up with som...