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Spafford Live at the Drive-in
Please note: if you want to win a prize you MUST purchase a ticket from the Spaffnerds store. Tickets are $5. **ALL PROCEEDS FROM TICKET PURCHASES ARE GOING TO THE BAND TO HELP OUT DURING THIS DIFFICULT TIME

The link below is to purchase your ticket to play. Go to other and select the golden ticket.


  • Form MUST be submitted by 7PM MST on show day.

  • Pick 7 songs.
    -1st set opener
    -1st setwildcard
    -1st set closer
    -2nd set opener
    -2nd set wildcard
    -2nd set closer

  • Enter a rea...

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Spaffnerds launched 3 years ago today! I hope you're all still enjoying this labor of love.

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Good morning Nerds!

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well during this pandemic.

I have exciting news!

We may have a Quarantine Tour Games!

I have been collaborating with the Band and @damian. We are possibly going to have a Quarantine Tour Games with the upcoming live streams Spafford has been talking about.

I need to figure out if they will be doing actual sets and an encore first so I can structure the game correctly.

If this does happen this will be a way for us Nerds to help the band out financially in this tough time.

If we do get confirmation with the go ahead it will be a "Pay To Play" game. It will be a $3 buy in for each...

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Nerds! I just wanted to take a minute and remind us all to breathe. Seems ironic in the face of a respiratory illness, but it's probably good advice.

I had the chance to chat with the band today to help brainstorm around the current situation. I learned two things that I want to share with you all:

  1. There is music coming.
  2. The band has taken a financial hit and needs our help.

So sit tight, grab your TP, and wipe away the tears. There's music coming to you for your amusement only.

There is Music Coming
The band is working to get out some special releases from the end of Winter Tour. It goes without saying that they want to share and push this as much as possible on every platform, people need music and Spafford ...