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Nerds! It's been hard to miss all the new songs debuting on this tour. So it should come as no surprise, though a total delight, that the band has dropped a new album!

We would love to get your review, so give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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Nerds! We're super excited for the work that @BlaiseStafford has been doing to get Tour Games off the ground. To support his efforts, and to make the overall experience of Tour Games better, we've created a dedicated button on the site's navigation to get you right to the fun. Just look for the Tour Games link on mobile, or the Game Controller icon on desktop.

You can read more about how to play here

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It is with deepest joy that we welcome Henry Paul Moss into the world. Nicole gave birth to a healthy baby boy on May 19th and Brian and Nicole are over the moon.

I've seen the kid's hands... He's a shredder... Like his dad!

Congratulations Brian and Nicole. Your family is our family and we wish you all the best in this new chapter of your lives.

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I launched this site 4 years ago today, fittingly getting it all together on 4/20. Birthdays are a time to reflect on the passage of another year, and looking back on the last 365 days conjures a whole host of feelings. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that 2020-2021 has been one of the hardest times that I've lived through. My wife and I welcomed our second (my third) daughter just days before the pandemic shut the world down. Live music dried up at the same time, leaving us all without our typical go-to for emotional, physical, and mental relief. There was an election, an insurrection, and a second impeachment. Police shootings, protests, and violence. Disease, vaccines, fake news, pandemics, and problems. Joy, sadness, fear, confidence, and isolation. Lots and lots of isolat...

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Hey Y'all,

What a year! Really... 2020 was... something. Anyhoo...

As we ring in the end of the year @BlaiseStafford and @jeenot have done an amazing job getting the setlist game going for you guys. Thanks to the generosity of the Nerds we here at Spaffnerds had offered to donate $5 for each entry into the game. Well... since you all turned out in such great numbers, we're going to double it to $10 per entry. This should be a nice chunk of change for the band to help them through the end of the year. Thank you all for making this possible.

EDIT: 84 entries, so $840 f...